Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just Wondering

I am going to post today for the first time in forever with no explanation just because I have something I need to say and I have this outlet. Hopefully soon I will update with my usual BS.

In regards to what happened Friday in Connecticut, I have no real words. It is horrific, tragic and absolutely mind boggling that this could happen; and to little children no less. I haven't said anything about it on Facebook unlike the rest of my friends list because I cannot find words to express how sorry I am for the families. The people I know, however, seem to have no lack of pictures and statuses promising prayers for the families of those kids. My only thought after something like this is "how dare you offer to pray."

If you're reading this and you're a Christian by all means express your disagreement with me. I know a lot about your beliefs. I spent my formative years in a southern Baptist school and a Catholic one before that. I know that you believe that your God is omnipotent and that he knows everything that is going to happen throughout all of our lives before we are even born (I also know you believe in free will which means not only are you ignorant, but you also don't know what those words mean). That means, in the case of the children at that school Friday, that he knew before they were born that they would make it through being a fetus to emerge into the lives of people that would love them. He knew before they were born that they would go to Sandy Hook Elementary on the last day before Xmas break 2012. And he knew that they would die in complete, paralyzing fear. That does not sit right with me. You believe that your God planned this atrocity and then you have the audacity to offer your useless words back to him; offering to ask the same being who wanted this to happen to ease the very suffering he caused. That is legitimately the worst thing you could offer at this time. Offer condolences by all means, but offering them with the promise to pray is a slap in the face to those parents who will never see their 6 year old turn 7.

I don't know how you reconcile our world with your view of god that says he is a god of love. If this is your God's "love" then your God is an abusive husband who tells you that he does these things because he loves you. And if you pull out your "God is just" line then I beg you to tell me what those 6 and 7 year old kids did to piss your God off so much. Original sin isn't in the Bible and I can't imagine that any of those kids had committed any sins worthy of dying in this manner for in their 7 short years of life. All I'm wondering is how you sleep at night while continuing to worship a god that would plan these types of horrors. Sounds pretty far away from love to me.

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