Saturday, July 14, 2012


A whole heap of things I want to blog about; absolutely no motivation. 

I'm dropping this post here to say I'm still alive and just making some huge adjustments to my life currently. I'm hoping that I can also help my little blog here out in the process.


I'm moving back in with my parents in a week. A WEEK. I'm equal parts excited, nervous, and relieved. I'm excited because my family is rad as shit, we have a good time, and I never have to feel the way I do around other people (read: awkward) around them. I'm nervous because I like doing whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it and I know that is going to take a beating; also I like nighttime shenanigans with menfolk and that will be taking a breather for sure while I'm a resident at Chez Parental Units (side note: I don't understand people who get jiggy in their childhood beds. Ew. So incredibly creepy. My 4 year old self slept in this room, please refrain from getting bodily fluids on it). Most of all, I think I'm relieved. Sure, I feel like a massive fuck-up moving back in with the 'rents after only a few years on my own, but it will feel so good to actually save some money and get out from under the financial crap I've already accrued at the tender age of 22; for that, I can't really thank them enough.

I'm going to be taking more than one class come August for the first time in well over a year. I'm trying not to compare myself to all the people I graduated with who recently graduated college. I like my life and especially myself and I don't like most of those people at all so fuck them I'm doing alright. 

I'm planning on having MUCH more free time since I won't have even the meager excuse for a social life I have now so my first priority after schoolwork will be this blog here. I have so much I want to say and I love it, poor anemic thing that it is; I'll do to it what I've done to my ass and plump it up. 

If you're still occasionally checking here, thanks for being a trooper, I hope to be entertaining soon.

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  1. YES to the childhood bedroom thing. So, so much yes. Enjoy the saving money thing. That's what I'm currently doing and let me tell you, not paying rent? That is awesome.

    The other stuff can get old, but just focus on the money. ;)