Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's Move to the Country

That title is also the title of a great song by (smog) <<that is not my use of parentheses, that's how it's marketed. Check it out.

Anywho, I spent my day today in the very small town of Alachua (hence the title) and actually enjoyed it immensely! I usually hate outdoorsy-type places, but the city is just so freakin' cute! I found an awesome little book shop and traded in some books, I ate at a little mom & pop type place, and I even found a courtyard with benches and did some reading. All around, it was a pretty great day. I was surprised with myself for having a good time despite not having anyone to go with me; I really, really enjoyed just having a quiet day.

I always describe, and think of, myself as a social person, but lately I've been super jaded about interpersonal relationships. I'm just suspicious of everyone's intentions. Probably a lesson about myself buried in that confession, but I'm pretty lazy. Also, I'm realizing that I don't have anything funny to say today! I'm trying to think of something, but I've just been super mellow all day. So, I'm going to pour a glass of wine, put on The National (listen to this), and read me some new books. I promise to be more entertaining next time.

P.S. Seriously, listen to that National song, it makes me want to be in love with someone and have them break my heart just so I could feel what this song is feeling. (it's not really sad though I promise, just awesome)

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