Monday, September 19, 2011

Winning. [Updated]

I know it is super overused, but once I tell you about the plan for tonight the only appropriate response is going to be "hell, that's BIwinning." 

Tonight is the premiere of the Roast of Charlie Sheen and we (Cupcake, MillerTime, and myself) decided that this historic event needed to be heralded in some way. Plus, we really didn't want to miss the bat shit craziness that is bound to be spewing forth tonight. So, we are having an Epic Winning Fiesta! (do not ask why Mexican was our default theme(OH! because we love tequila)) This shindig will feature Face Melting 7 Layer Dip, 7 Gram Rock on the Rocks and, the pièce de résistance, Tiger Blood Margaritas. You're right! It does sound awesome and I wish you could be there too!

For you to recreate the experience, our drink recipes:

7 Gram Rock on the Rocks:

                            Seagram's Ginger Ale or 7 Up (we aren't picky, either is in theme)
                            A Shit Ton of Vodka (whatever you can handle and still be coherent by 10pm)

Pour over ice and congratulate yourself on being more stable than Charlie Sheen.

Tiger Blood Margaritas

                            Margarita Mix (pre made, what the fuck do you think this is?)
                            Tequila (the less classy, the more on theme you are)

Mix it all up, serve on the rocks or frozen, and celebrate being able to party like Charlie Sheen.

I legit cannot wait for this thing, I was up all last night. This is like Christmas morning. 

UPDATE: It's the day after the sheen roast. I am hungover. The party was a success! Also, one *tiny* adjustment to the 7 Gram Rock on the Rocks recipe: The Albertson's didn't have any super good deals on vodka yesterday, so we used...Everclear instead. Definitely more on theme and also more painful. I hope everyone else enjoyed it too! It was all I hoped it would be. Only one joke made us all look at each other and say "too soon" so I'd say it was a success! BTW, anyone else notice that Mike Tyson is like a 5 year old whose parents gave him a mic at a family wedding? Reminds me of a family memory... 

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