Friday, January 13, 2012

Books & Things

Here's what's awesome right now. According to me.


1. The Hunger Games - I cannot express how awesome this series was to me. Even though it had Stephanie Meyer's review quote on the jacket (that made me not want to read it. She is awful). If you haven't read it, drop everything and go get it now. I read all three in 5 days because it was so awesome. Let's all talk about it, because no one I know has read it.

2. Bossypants - I read this in 4 hours at work (we're REALLY slow right now). I love Tina Fey. She's really funny and it was fun to see the parallels between her real life and 30 Rock.

3. 11/22/63 - I got this book for Christmas and I'm only about one hundred pages in, but it's really good so far. Stephen King is actually overlapping his older stories! It's really cool and about time travel. For instance, right now the main character is in Derry (where It took place) at the time when It had just been happening. It's really trippy if you've read his other books. I'm still reading though; it's HUGE (842 pages!).


1. The League - I just got on this bandwagon and have watched the first three seasons all in a row. I love it! I spent the whole time thinking how much Nick Kroll looked like Jeff Goldblum and then they had him on to play Kroll's dad; it was awesome. Plus, Kevin reminds me infinitely of my cousin Chris. That's probably only interesting to me, but eh. This show makes me want to play fantasy football, seriously this time (not like last time when I never participated past the draft).

2. 30 Rock - Obsessively re-watching this. I love Alec Baldwin on this show and I miss him dearly on the Twitter. Not to mention I relate more than is comfortable to Liz Lemon. The new season starts this month and I cannot wait.

3. The Big Bang Theory - I love Sheldon. That's about all there is to it. Also, I respect that they didn't make Penny stupid; she's not a genius, but she's just a regular person. They could have gone really patronizing with her character and I like that they didn't make her too much of a stereotype.


1. Keeping it Trashy in the Bible Belt - I love this so hard. I am following Allie on every social media I could find her on (that's how I love). This blog is my blog's crush and y'all should read it, because I cannot even adequately sum it up for you.

2. My World in Crisis - Now, if my obsessive need to know everyone's business had a crush it would be this blog. Tom writes about his dating activities and sexcapades; it's not Tucker Max, but it's so real that it's better. OH! and he lives in London, so you get the added benefit of hearing the accent in your head while you read his stuff.

3. The Weed - The first blog I ever followed. He's really funny and strange which is always a good combination with a dash of Mormon and a sprinkle of family man he's just straight out awesome. You won't be disappointed.

I know I'm a little behind on some of the books and shows, but hell they're new to me and I like them so deal with it. This is almost like blogging from beyond the grave because I'm typing this on Monday before I leave for my cruise but y'all won't see it until...whatever day it is where you are right now. It's weird and I'm easily amused.


  1. I am beginning to think I am going to have to read the Hunger Games just to see what all the fuss is about. I just got Bossypants in the mail a few days ago and I cannot wait to start reading it.

    Also, Thanks for the mention. It kind of made me blush.

    It must be sad and lonely for people who don't utilize social media. They will never be able to be loved like the rest of us.

  2. AB is totally back on Twitter. Made my WEEK.

  3. Hun!ger!Games!

    I'm more than a little obsessed. NO SHAME.