Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I (may) Have a Soul!

I promised I would do something more positive and share with you some stuff I like instead of just stuff I hate, plus you'll get to learn about me! Fucking exciting riiiight? 

Puffy Cheetos & Apple Juice - are my blow

Big, scary houses - there's one Killa and I pass on our way to St. Augustine that. is. AWESOME. There's a balcony that demands standing on in a flowing, white nightgown beseeching drivers for help to pass to the next world.

Compact things - cute little house, tree houses, trailers. I enjoy the idea that there's just enough room...it's weird in here (pointing at my head)

Turrets - I NEED a house with a turret.

Spiral staircases - preferably leading up to my turret from my tiny house.

Boxes that look like books - I like to play Queen of Redundancy and put a book in my book box.

Hating things - this is totes cheating, but I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I couldn't hate on things; Tom Brady, the New York Yankees, lovebugs, my roommate, the sun, people who say 'supposably'...I think you get it.

Weird ass movies - this started with an accidental viewing of Slither and has escalated into Killa and I seeking out weirdo B movies. The newest edition is Dagon which you should watch and join me in tweeting weird hashtags so I look less like a #dumbbitch on Twitter.

Weird ass books - Stephen King and Jack Kilborn are sick bastards, but I love those twisted motherfuckers. Read Trapped. Now.

SingStar - It's like karaoke. Only you don't have to get dressed! The wine is cheap! and it's ALWAYS your turn!

I think that's adequate. I don't want to ruin my hater street cred by seeming human. 

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