Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Didn't Know This Was a Thing

So, I stumbled upon some pretty alarming websites that prompted me to write this unfunny post instead of writing about the myriad of things I promised, but I really didn't know that angry men had started an "anti-feminism" movement. I understand that there are extremists in every single belief that has ever been a thing people believe in ever. But wow, these dudes are pissed. 

Reading these ridiculous things (and one eloquent article about having absolute beliefs) made me examine my own beliefs about my own brand of "feminism" and human rights in general; I think I've pinpointed my own opinions (not that you care, but I'm gonna tell you about them).

I am pro-choice. Every time. No exceptions. If you aren't pro-choice, then you don't trust women to make their own choices. That's really the bottom line for me. The thing that makes me the angriest is when people use the "it's murder" argument to defend their stance and then turn around and support the death penalty. You're hypocrites and, honestly, that's worse than being pretty much anything else.

I don't think it is any worse to hit a woman than it is to hit a man; I just think everyone should refrain from hitting everyone. Domestic violence is bad no matter who hit who. It's an extremely antiquated notion to tell young boys "we don't hit girls." No, you don't fucking hit anyone and if you do hit someone the punishment should be exactly the same.

I 100% support gay marriage. The fact that this is even an issue is ridiculous. People are people. It does not affect straight person A's marriage when straight person B gets married, so why the fuck would it affect straight person A's marriage if gay person C got married??

I used to be pro death penalty, but after a few years and more research, I can safely say I am against it. People do bad things, kill people even. I'm not saying that is good or should go unpunished, but killing the killer doesn't resurrect the dead (talk to your awesome god about that); it just leaves more dead and more angry, hurt survivors.

I don't hate men. There is this crazy stigma that if you call yourself a feminist you're either a lesbian or bitter about being dumped (which is truly an absurd notion, because "hating men" is not a prerequisite for being a lesbian; liking girls is). I am neither of those things and yet I identify myself as feminist/pro woman; some men do too. These men on these sites are the ones who sound bitter.

I want to tell yous guys the address of the angry, ignorant blog that spawned this kinda heavy blog post, but I really don't want to give them more traffic. They are like the Westboro Baptist Church except with a "God Hates Women" sign instead of a "God Hates Fags" one. These people are other people's parents and that makes me all sad panda because I always thought the Evangelical Christians were the main ones fucking up our youth (I may have seen Jesus Camp like 15 too many times).

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