Friday, February 3, 2012

I Went to Save-a-Lot Today...

...that about sums it up. I'm usually the world's biggest snob when it comes to places "like that." Think Winn Dixie, Big Lots, Family Dollar. I'm just so judgy.

Anywho, I've been having random snippets of ideas of things to write on here and random events happening that I'd like to type out, but I'm painfully lazy most days (it was a struggle just to stop watching the League to write this). So, today, I'm going to just put the stuff out there and then I'm held accountable for actually writing a post about these things...someday.

*I'm having an identity crisis because of how much I enjoyed the cheapness of my trip to Save-a-Lot.

*Kent came over to get his stuff last night and it went...differently than anticipated (like, real different)

*The Pretty One is coming home again soon and we'll be hanging out...pray for me

* Uncircumcised penises and the way they look like emo kids with their sweatshirt hood pulled up (my mom and I discussed this at length)

*I still want to share present opening protocol with the world even though Christmas is but a shiny speck in the rear view mirror of stores decorating for Easter

*Irritation that I can't seem to remember even ONE of the 800 things I see and hear on a daily basis that I want to blog about or (even better) use for Things They Need to Hear Thursday

*Would you guys rather I didn't post unless it was funny or post anyway so that I don't have to disappear into a "how come I can't be funny today" cave for a week?

That's good for now. As always, please give me any and all ideas for TTNtHT. I need you beautiful, smart, intuitive people (I hear flattery is the way to get shit done).

Ideas, seriously.

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  1. Honey, I'm disastrously sick and I have nothing but irritated discourse with brief, scathing moments of amusing wit. Or uncontrollable bitchiness. Jury's still out.