Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Hangover

After an intense run in with a box of wine (and Killa & Corn Fed) last night, I am not feeling up to any sort of intense blogging. So, I shall instead regale you with pictures of schtuff and perhaps some "Texts from Killa" because they're funny (that's just a working title for the segment, feel free to suggest better). Without further ado, phoning it in:

You know you look hot when even the shredder wants some of that
This is how we get spoken to at my job, nothing like being abused by guests and management
For you conspiracy theorists out there, John Lennon is alive and practicing optometry at the Jacksonville Wal-Mart
Recipe for a good night, what you can't see is Dirty Dancing on the TV. Spock glass not required, but it's fuckin' rad isn't it?

Now, because I think some shit is funny, you get to read about it (if you made it down here). Just texts from my friend Killa (that name is misleading) that have cracked me up and also made me shake my head knowing this is my life. (I'm into pictures today, get over it)

Shitty picture, but that is a power point detailing MacDonald vs. Starkburks for Killa's Entrepreneurship class

Apparently this teacher has some spelling/language issues
It says "...handle designed for a woman's grip" She sent me this picture of the back of a razor's packaging, with this commentary:

And that is why I love her and I feel like our souls are boning each other on a regular basis. Anyway, you're a trooper if you stuck around for all this shit. I'm trying to have less of a gap between posts, so sometimes the content might look like this. Whenever I find the pics of the condom left in the Gideons' bible in one of the rooms at my hotel, you'll get that one too. Now back to my box of wine...

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