Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shit Gets Messy

My Facebook feed has become super trashy and I’m super excited about it. Now, usually I’m not down for schadenfreude, but this is an exception in the interest of public service.

The story is my old manager at Subway (I’m hella classy), who is a notorious, womanizing, jackass actually became a ‘one woman man’ and acquired a girlfriend. She appeared to be perfect for him. She was kinda sleazy, hot, drunk all the time, DTF, and into the marijuana. JUST LIKE HIM. So, I was actually enthused for him in the situation and watched it unfold via status updates and pictures.

Well, from what I can glean through my limited contact, she cheated on him. Which, let’s be honest, we all saw coming just from my description up there ^^ OK, I’m personally surprised that it wasn’t him. So, he’s decided to heal his heart by posting pictures that should serve as a warning to everyone everywhere not to have your picture taken in compromising positions ESPECIALLY by someone you’re in a relationship with, because the day you decide to break up with them, or make a mistake, they will no longer give a shit about you.

I have, thus far, seen: a picture of her naked with her best friend, a picture of them having sex ‘doggy style’ from his POV, and just today! A picture of her s-ing his d. No joke people. Now, he covered his d with a pic of a hot dog so as not to violate TOS, but it is obviously her, and she is obviously fellating (<spell check says that’s not a word. Psh.) him. Keep the cameras out of the bedroom/living room/kitchen/car. Nothing good can come of that (giggity). So, that is my PSA for the…I don’t know, until I feel the need to post another one.

Now, on to some shit I actually wanted to say before I got on Facebook and saw that foolishness.

I sometimes wish I had gone a more anonymous direction when I started this blog up. I know that not every single person (all 4 of you) who reads this knows me personally, but I’ve linked to this on my Facebook, my e-mail I’ve had since 7th grade is what I used to sign up, and my mom is my most consistent (and frequent) reader.

Now, I would never wish that my mom didn’t read this. She’s the one who said I should start one because she believes in me and what I’ve got to say (also, she was probably pretty tired of my calling and bitching for an hour everyday). But something of significance has got me kind of down today and I can’t really elaborate on it, no matter how cathartic it might be. I’m not sure I’m ready to risk people who know me reading about the stuff I actually do (and who I actually do it with). I don’t think I’m that comfortable yet.

Suffice to say, a boy I was beginning to like has cut me off at the pass. It doesn’t feel good, but it actually uncomplicated my life quite a bit. I’m focusing on that aspect for now. (The sad part is that just through this tiny paragraph my mom can probably figure out exactly what I’m talking about)

I had some more snarky “Shit I Hate” and I actually had a bunch of material about lots of stuff for once, but I’m gonna call the game here for today. No worries, there are untold amounts of things I hate just pinging around in my brain (as well as a super awkward "breakfast date" I went on). As a teaser: Lovebugs. I hate those motherfuckers.

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