Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things They Need to Hear Thursdays: Teen Witch Edition

That title is slightly misleading. Teen Witch does factor in, but not till after I take a moment to do something I rarely do (even in my non-internet life): Be serious. I promise it won't be too long, but it's some stuff I want to say; and since the person I want to say it to has the emotional maturity of a mop, y'all get to hear it instead.

Dear K,

I am not a crazy bitch. I resent being treated as such. Telling someone you'll "be over soon" and then never showing up or answering calls is a dick move. As is not speaking to the person who is supposed to be your girlfriend with no explanation aside from "Your roommate's boyfriend is manipulative." I could understand your panic in realizing that you were almost 30, living with your parents, and doing nothing in the way of making all your big dreams come true. I cannot understand your attempt to blame those things on me. I was not the reason you felt the need to drink a six-pack every night; I was not the reason you chose to buy weed instead of save up to move out; I am not the reason you chose to play video games all day instead of doing those lofty things you needed so much "space" to do. I don't want to say these things to you so that you'll come back; I don't want you back. I say these things because I need to say them and you can't be bothered to listen: I hate the fact that I can't see a shitty Saturn go by without checking to see if it's yours; I hate the fact that your toothbrush is still in MY awesome elephant holder and your shirt is still hanging in my closet;  I hate that I let you make me feel disposable; I hate that I shared Sugar with you; I hate that I shared me with you. 



P.S. More than all of that, I hate that you still have my Teen Witch DVD.

OK, so I'm sorry about the somber note today. This guy was my boyfriend and it wasn't so much that he dumped me as it is HOW he dumped me; he really did tell me he'd be over soon and never showed up or talked to me. That was 3 months ago and I still haven't heard from him. I'm irritated and embarrassed by this. I don't get dumped. My pride has taken a major beating from this bullshit and, in attempt to bolster it back up, I needed to say the stuff that's been swirling around in my head. 

On a lighter note, I have a 2nd tiny "Things They Need to Hear" note:

Dear Doubters,

You scoffed when I asked if you had seen a movie in which 3 kids get tokens to go to the "Mom Store" to select a replacement mother. You insisted that it didn't exist. Well it does! It's called Trading Mom

Suck it,


P.S. The Mom Store part is around 35 minutes in

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