Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Name is Brianna and I'm Better Than You

Well, not YOU the person reading this, but YOU the people I went to school with. Why is that? You need some back story to understand the answer to that question.

In high school, my best friend (The Pretty One) and I were always looked at sideways. First it was "yous guys must be lesbians because you say i love you to each other and grab ass a lot' then it was 'well, fine, maybe you aren't screwing each other but you must be screwing everyone else because you talk openly about sex.' I went to a painfully conservative Baptist high school and when I wasn't busy giving teachers aneurysms by saying I support gay marriage and am pro-choice I was gallivanting around with The Pretty One talking about sex (which we knew nothing about). So, most people (teachers included) figured we'd be pregnant, married to a jailed felon, or in jail ourselves within a year of graduating.

This is where me being better comes in.

*I am not married
*I have not procreated
*I am not cohabitating
*I am not pregnant
*I have not been to jail

(Disclaimer: I do not think these things are so awful (except jail) it is only within the context of my hyper-religious school and the students who were exemplary there are the ones doing these things and the girl who was always pulled out of class for "counseling" is not)

This whole reflection was sparked by my roommate being arrested the other day. I know I claimed to be classy and that sounds super NOT classy, but I swear I wasn't involved AT ALL. She and her boyfriend got into an argument and she got physical with him. They were screaming at each other, she was hitting and scratching him, and apparently around 4 of our neighbors called the cops on them. Per the rules of domestic disturbance calls, the police had to take her in overnight.

We call that karma, bitches.

I really was gonna do a positive post about stuff I actually like (I know you thought I just hate everything) but this was too good to pass up! I'll do something less Judgy McJudgerson soon!

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  1. People are ALWAYS shocked when they find out I have never been arrested.